This is a passage take from the lyceum manual, a book intended for the teaching of Spirtualism to children and adults


The aim of Spiritualism is to effect a complete "at-one-ment" and "unison" of man with God.

It makes absolute religion the point at which man's will and God's will are one and the same. It lays down no creed, asks no symbol, and reverences no time or place exclusively. It cheerfully lives out its religion in all times and places, acts, words and thoughts. It considers forms and ceremonies as non-essential, it only reckons them as useful to those who need them. It does not make the means the end. It prizes the sign only for the sake of the signification.

Its Temple is all space, its shrine the good heart; its creed all truth; its ritual works of good and use. Its profession of faith, a divine life; good works without, spiritual beauty and purity within, and deeds of love to God through his creatures. It does good for goodness' sake. I asks no pardon for its sins, it only seeks the opportunity to atone for them.

It bows to no idols, whether made of wood or of metal, of flesh or of parchment; or even of authorities, or of books. It is reverent to truth only, and rejects all falsehood, though upheld by antiquity or power. It counts no good word profane because a heathen spoke it, nor a lie sacred, though uttered by those the world calls sacred. Its watchword is be "ye perfect", as God is perfect. It makes each man his own redeemer and his own priest, but gladly accepts every true word, every earnest exhaltation to good, or wise council spoken by others.

It calls God; Father not King, Christ brother not redeemer, the Heavens our Home, not Heaven.

Its sum of prayer is Thy will be done, its church that of nature, and all holy should wherever gathered together.

Oh come let us worship in this holy temple. Let us worship the Father in spirit and in truth.

All true aspiration, all noble effort, is worship.