Some people, mainly fundamentalist Christians, accuse us of working with demons. They back up the accusation by quoting mainly from the Old Testament, the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Why, when the Old Testament has been shown to be not the word of God, but just the myths and superstitions of a very primitive and uncivilized people. The Bible account of the creation of the world has been disproved, why should the rest be accepted, especially as the other laws are ignored today. When did you last see a couple take their rebellious son out, to be stoned to death by the elders of the town? Or the same fate apply to a woman wearing clothing of mixed fibres ( we should all be quaking in our shoes!) or to a man who shaves his temples and trims his beard? Did you have pork for tea? Then you broke the laws of God according to the Old Testament. Did you neglect to sacrifice a bull in your back yard? Shame on you! Don't forget, you can buy slaves from the surrounding nations, but I am not sure whether this includes the Welsh and the Scots. Clarification is required on this. If your brother dies then you must marry his widow to perpetuate his name - if not its forty lashes for you I'm afraid.

Second point, the word 'mediums' is only found in later translations. In the old ones it is sorcerers or magicians. Spiritualist mediums do not perform magic, they use natural, God-given laws, to be aware of what those in the Spirit world are saying to us. On the other hand, the prophets were mediums, how else did they gain their knowledge? And they were respected and listened to by everyone, kings included. St Paul lists prophecy and healing as being among the gifts of the Spirit. The bible is full from beginning to end of visits by Angels (angels="messengers of God" = "Spirits.") Now of course we come to the greatest medium and Healer of them all - Jesus. He did not set much store by the laws in the Old Testament, or by the words of the official religious leaders of his day. He ignored the Sabbath laws. "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" became "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you". The ten commandments became two, Love God above all, and love your neighbour as yourself. (The first two principles of Spiritualism,The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man). He was accused by religious fanatics of healing by the power of demons, just as we spiritualists are today. That puts us in good company, does it not?

Those spirits who come to make themselves known through mediums are mainly the relations and friends of the congregation. If they were nice people on Earth, why on earth would they turn into demons when they pass over? If they love their friends why would they come back to do them harm? It is true that the spirits in the "lower" realms are the ones who find it easiest to communicate with the earth, but that does not mean they are demons, it just means that they have only passed over lately and have not advanced too far yet in their spiritual progression. They come back to prove to their friends that they are still alive, and that they still care about those they have left behind. On the other hand, there have been over the years excellent mediums through whom the advanced spirits of the higher realms have been able to communicate with their knowledge and their teachings. In particular I would recommend the many books about the teachings of Maurice Barbenelles guide Silver Birch, and the books written by Arthur Findley. these and many others are available from the Psychic news book shop. They gave us the seven principles of Spiritualism, including the one which says "Eternal progress open to every human soul". In other words the teaching of hell fire is repudiated by those in the spirit world. The vengeful God of the old testament, who would demand the murder and destruction of whole towns, and condemn his children to an eternity of suffering, is proved to be non-existent, and the God of forgiveness and love is shown to be the true one, just as Jesus said. This teaching is optimistic, showing as it does that there is hope for all of us and we do not have to worry that our friends are now suffering an eternity of agony, just because they did not hold a certain set of doctrines while on Earth. This truth has been given to us by the highest in the Spirit World, and is confirmed by many who have had near death experiences. All I can say is, if you worship the vengeful, vicious God of the old Testament then it is you who worship the devil, not us!

We do not aim to convert everyone to our religion, but just to present the evidence of survival to those who come to us when they need that, because their religion asks for blind faith, and most people today wish to use the brain God gave them. Getting the evidence has brought much comfort to many who are bereaved, and a return to faith for those who have lost it, courage to those who have spirits in their home. When they know that there is nothing to fear, that they are either their own relations wishing to make themselves known, or they are earthbound spirits who can be helped by an experienced medium to find their way in the spirit world. Others have found health, or at least comfort, from the Spiritual healing we give. Some of those who have received evidence stay because they like the Spiritualist philosophy. Some go back to their own religion with renewed faith and some just visit us from time to time. We have given them the evidence, the help and the comfort they needed when they needed it, and that is our reason for being here. Can demons do all this? 

Whatever your religion, you are a child of God!