Sunday 2.00pm

While there is still a demonstration of Clairvoyance at a divine service, you will find that there are also more hymns and prayers, and the philosophy, which is more or less equivalent to a sermon in an orthodox church, in which the medium shares his/her opinions with the congregation, often with regard to the seven principles of spiritualism. This is their own opinion only, and you may not agree with everything they say, but it should give you something to think about. The divine service also includes a silent moment for absent healing, and a reading from any source, chosen by the chairperson.



Monday 2.00pm and Thursday 7.30pm

The term clairvoyance is used loosely in describing services at which mediumship takes place, where different types of mediumship are used. Clairvoyance strictly means "Clear seeing". There is also Clairaudience, meaning "clear hearing" and Clairsentience meaning "clear sensing". These describe the ways in which spirit people make themselves known to the medium. These are all forms of mental mediumship, meaning only the medium is aware. In physical mediumship, the spirit is seen or heard by all present. You will not see physical mediumship at a public service or demonstration. The medium will pick out people in the congregation, one at a time, up to possibly about six during the course of the demonstration, and will pass on information that is being given to him/her by the spirit people, which is evidence to prove their survival. The type of evidence you may get, are names, places they have lived, work, hobbies, personality, memories known only to the spirit person and the recipient, and many more types of information. The more specific is the information, the better is the evidence. If you receive a message you should only answer the medium with a yes or no. If you tell them anything, it may be something the spirit person wishes to say, and then the opportunity for giving that evidence is lost. You will often find the chairperson instructing the congregation not to feed the medium, and this is what they are referring to, not saying that mediums should be starved! No specific results can be promised at any service. Indeed every demonstration of mediumship has to be always regarded as an experiment. We do not ask you to be gullible - be sceptical, be critical of the evidence you receive, be objective in assessing it, but do come to the meeting with an open mind and with love in your heart. Mediums are susceptible to vibrations and find it harder to work in a hostile atmosphere. And if you do not get the evidence at your first visit, give spiritualism a chance, and come again. You will always be welcome.