By Mavis Smethurst

The aim of Spiritualism is to give evidence of life after so called death.

The physical body is the vehicle through which the spirit body gains access to the material world. The spirit is the real personality, the positive and dynamic self, which is eternal and cannot die. As a medium I know this to be a fact and I have had the experience of knowing what it is like to be able to stand back, and view my own body.  It was very strange, I could hear my heart beating, and yet I was some distance away.  I felt quite light, buoyant, and everything became very clear and keen, as if a dense fog had been removed from my being. The body cannot exist without the spirit, for the spirit is the life force.

The body is part of the earth, and when no longer required by the spirit, returns back to the earth. It has no life, but is animated by the spirit.The body and spirit are so closely bound that most people feel that they are body with perhaps a soul.  Others claim, without evidence, that there is no such thing as the continuation of life after the dissolution of the body. There is more than one kind of medium. Some are clairvoyant, some inspirational, physical mediums and there are the healing mediums.  Many are mediumistic since early childhood.

Suitable mediums are needed to work with the scientists.  Suitable because most mediums are very sensitive and find it very hard to work with some researchers who might be rather arrogant, thus, upsetting the harmony which is needed between medium and researcher.

Spiritual matter cannot be weighed or measured purely by physical means. There must be a new concept in which the spiritual and physical can work together in respect and consideration for each other. The main object is to bring proof of spiritual existence. In times gone by, most people thought the earth was flat but explorers proved otherwise.  We need explorers, or researchers, who are open minded and ready to look into the evidence acknowledged by reputable mediums, so that the claims of Spiritualism may be fairly examined and explored. The onus is on science not to believe or disbelieve but to discover.  Spiritualism is a religion to many people and the only religion where one may receive evidence that life continues after the physical body is deceased.

Most Spiritualists are happy and cheerful people and do not fear death, for Spiritualism is not about death but about life.