From time to time we will have a special guest medium host a special evening of mediumship within the church. These are very popular events and you need to book your tickets in advance to secure entry. Tickets can be purchased for any of our specials directly from the church. 


From time to time we have mediums come to the church to pass on their knowledge to others with a special workshop. The theme of these workshops vary but are all extremely informative and if you're a budding medium yourself, then they can help to enhance your understanding of the spirit world and continue to build on your existing skills. 

Private Readings

Private readings are available in the church on the first Saturday of every month. We have a different medium each month. You can book in advance by calling into the church. Price is £12 with a £6 non refundable deposit required in advance to reserve your

Open Circle

We have a weekly open circle that is open to mediums of all abilities to share their connection with spirit. The open circle is an excellent opportunity for budding mediums of all levels to practice their connection with spirit. Why not come along and give it a go? Practice makes perfect!!