Private sittings are held monthly in the church, usually on the first Saturday, unless something such as holidays causes us to change it.

Sittings are £12 per half hour sitting, with a deposit of £6 to book in advance, which is knocked off the price of the sitting. Please call in or telephone the church to reserve your booking. 

The next set of private readings are available for Saturday, 3rd March with Julie Quinn

In private sittings, as in all clairvoyance messages, you should remember that this is not fortune telling, but the evidence to prove to you that your loved ones are still alive in another dimension and to give them the opportunity to tell you that they still love you, just as they would with a letter or a phone call if they had emigrated. Do not tell the medium anything about yourself, the evidence comes from them telling you, not the other way roun. Just tell them whether they are right or wrong and let me assure you that what our mediums tell you is practically always correct. Although your loved ones may give you advice, you should bear in mind that they are very little different than when they were on the earth plane. Especially if they have not been over long, they have not suddenly become all-knowing. So you should treat their advice in the same way as you would if they were still here. Consider what they say but make up your own mind.

Everyone who has had private readings with us has been happy, however,  we do promise that if the medium for any reason should be unable to make contact with your loved ones, your money will be refunded. You must say so by the first 15 minutes is up, after that you will be deemed to have accepted the sitting.

Enjoy your sitting

And after the service, why not come into one of our two tea rooms  and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, have a chat, and maybe have a look at the display of crystals and jewellery we have for sale?