By adding your name or somebody else's name to the Absent Healing list, opens that person to enormous healing powers. Anyone may receive healing be it; yourself, a relative, a friend, somebody you just know of, an animal, a place or a situation.

Before you submit the name of to receive healing, please obtain the prior permission of that person – if at all possible. To submit a name, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Healing Requests:

Roy Dixon

Pauline Butterworth

Scott Lambert

Karen Belfield

Beverley Eden

Jason Amar

Nicoleta Vionescu

Stuart Briggs

Lindsay Wright


Steve Chatterly

Deborah Karim

Leanne Stewart

Marilyn Ashton

Amanda Barbara Wright

Alexandru Sergiu

Manny Lieberman

Mariana Beeghly

Subhash Saxena

Michael L Taylor

Pete Ryder

Dorothy Halligan

Gillian Smith

Blue the dog

Lisa Helena

Yasmin McCalla

Martha McCalla

Conner Hutchinson

Angela Gallagher


Joan & Peter Mayoh

Karen Abbott

Ann Aspinall

Dorothy Halligan

Myles O'Reilly

Barry Whenlock

Mavis Smith

Maggie Hutchinson


Absent Healing Request Submission

Authorisation Confirmation: