Amendments to current website

June 30, 2012

To make access and navigation more easier, I have initiated the following changes to the original site (original site content has not been changed.)

Current amendments
  1. Grouped web pages under specific titles to reduce clutter in main menu
  2. Re-arranged main page with additional relaxing music
  3. Re-arranged service and events main page for easier access
  4. Amended Church History page – click pictures for larger images
Additions to the Site
  1. Added The Birth of Modern Spiritualism page– The Fox Sisters Page
  2. Added Healing List page
  3. Added more content to Contact Us page
  4. Added Dedications & Memories page

Changes yet to be completed
  1. Add music to all pages
  2. Complete Committee members page

Submitting Content

If you wish to submit content, please contact a committee member and make sure it is of positive nature and not derogatory to anyone. All content will be screened for consideration, before being added to the site.





July 31, 2011
Greetings Spiritual people,
this is Caroline Harris (Caz) blogging.
First let us get a the basics out of  the way .
  1. The address of the church is; 21 Bradford Street, Bolton. BL2-1HT
  2. Any cheques are to be made payable to; Bolton Spiritualist Church
  3. Correspondence for Most enquiries to be addressed to The Secretary. Financial correspondence to The Treasurer. Any other correspondence The President.
  4. Telephone 01204 430053
Second  the church is open
  1. Sunday from 1pm, Monday from 12pm
  2. Wednesday, Thursday, F...

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