The Source of Healing Power

As living creatures we are basically spirit, temporarily living in a physical body. That spiritual part of our being is a part of God, the source of all, and is permanently linked to that divine source. It follows that we are able always to draw on His divine love and healing power. The only thing that prevents us is the barriers that we ourselves put up, with our negative thoughts, such as fear, anxiety, anger, resentments etc. Spiritual healing is concerned primarily with our spirit selves, helping to clear away these barriers, and to replace these negative emotions with positive ones, such as love, forgiveness and confidence, bringing about a peace and harmony in our whole being, which then allows the healing energies to circulate. Most disorders are to a greater or lesser extent caused through our own inner selves, the greater the extent of this the more spiritual healing is an advantage, so that spiritual healing works best with emotional problems, and with those physical illnesses that stem from emotional problems, which applies to most illnesses to some extent. At the other extreme we have purely physical things such as a broken arm when medical attention is all that is needed and to allow nature to carry out the cure. In most cases it is a combination of both, and the best treatment is a combination of spiritual healing and medical treatment. Spiritual healers will never recommend anyone to stop seeing their doctor. It is always vital that this treatment continues as well as the spiritual healing. We cannot promise any cures with spiritual healing, but this does not mean they do not take place. In almost every instance people do find relief of pain, greater relaxation and a gradual improvement in their condition.

The Healer

Everyone has some potential for spiritual healing. It comes onto being through love of others and a desire to help, all mothers carry our healing when they pick up their child who has fallen and comfort him, and he feels better because of their love. Those who decide to dedicate themselves to healing learn to attune to spirit (or they do it naturally) by withdrawing from the material world around and thinking only of spiritual thoughts. This allows spirt healers to use their spirit to reach the spirit of the patient, and the healing then begins, from within. The healer does nothing apart from withdraw in this way, he cannot heal, but is only used as a channel. This is a very passive form of mediumship, and is completely different to clairvoyance, etc. so that a healer is not necessarily good at other forms of mediumship. In the SNU the healer has to take a course so that he is aware of the law relating to healing, and of the healers Code of Conduct, so you can be sure that nothing untoward will happen when you receive healing. The healer will only place his hands gently on or near to you, and it cannot hurt or cause harm in any way.

The Patient

If you receive healing, do not be afraid of anything, as no harm can come to you. If you are not sure whether you believe in healing or not, it does not matter, so long as you do not put up any mental barriers with this. It is best to sit quietly and relax as much as you can, and try to keep your thoughts on happy positive things, as this helps the spirit healers to reach your inner self. The healing will last for a few minutes and you will probably feel a relief of pain and considerably more relaxed than before. If you continue to come for healing, you should find a gradual improvement in your condition, if this is something that is physically possible. If not, healing should bring some relief and comfort. We make no promises, but many times the improvement in a person's condition is greater than expected.